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"We are committed to delivering personalized service, high quality products, and innovation - at the right price"


Inspired Thinking

Inspired Thinking: It’s At The Core Of Our Business. From innovation to creation, our award-winning team of global experts creates products steeped in artistry, luxury and originality—leveraging the very best of science and nature. Season after season they define what’s new

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Quality Is A Given

At American Flavors and Fragrances,  we take pride in pairing your product with the preeminent specialists in your field—assuring the highest standards of product development and marketing in the beauty industry—an alliance that will position you as a leader in your category.

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Quality, Speed & Cost-Efficiency

Realize A Fast Return On Your Investment.  With the highest caliber of talent across all functions, and unlimited global resources at our fingertips, American Flavors and Fragrances consistently breaks the industry’s speed-to-market record—setting a benchmark that is unparalleled in the industry. 

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